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HACHIMANZA of KABUTO of YOROI (armor) : EDO : 2.0 " 30g {1}
HACHIMANZA of KABUTO of YOROI (armor) : EDO : 2.0 " 30g {2}
HACHIMANZA of KABUTO of YOROI (armor) : EDO : 2.0 " 30g {3}
HACHIMANZA of KABUTO of YOROI (armor) : EDO : 2.0 " 30g {4}
HACHIMANZA of KABUTO of YOROI (armor) : EDO : 2.0 " 30g {5}
HACHIMANZA of KABUTO of YOROI (armor) : EDO : 2.0 " 30g {1}
HACHIMANZA of KABUTO of YOROI (armor) : EDO : 2.0 " 30g {2}
HACHIMANZA of KABUTO of YOROI (armor) : EDO : 2.0 " 30g {3}
HACHIMANZA of KABUTO of YOROI (armor) : EDO : 2.0 " 30g {4}
HACHIMANZA of KABUTO of YOROI (armor) : EDO : 2.0 " 30g {5}

HACHIMANZA of KABUTO of YOROI (armor) : EDO : 2.0 " 30g

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HACHIMANZA of KABUTO of YOROI (armor) : EDO : 2.0 " 30g

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THANK YOU VISITING DAIMYO STORE.We can not send items world wide as before. Canada, Australia, Russiacan not send items by Postal (EMS) now.We will be send items expect for the above country by DHL.Please ask shipping way and shipping cost about your country feel free.And then, Please understanding takes time and shipping cost for receive and ship itemsThank you.
Item Description
OldAbout 50~100 years ago A little oldAbout 10~30 years ago
Weight 30g
5cm Width 
Please carefully read ship way and shipping cost.
EMSFEDEXDHLSurface ASIA$33$60$40$- North America and Oceania$38$100~120$50~70$- Europe$43$100~120$30~70$- Africa and South America$58$100~120$30~70$-
1) EMS :About 3 ~ 14 days. (with tracking number and insurance)
2) SAL :About 1 ~ 3 weeks.(with tracking number, without insurance) 
3) Small size SAL :Aabout 1 ~ 3 weeks
without tracking number and insurance, for small items(Length about 1"~23"))
4) Surface :About 2 ~ 3 Months (with tracking number, without insurance)
5) Yu-pack and Yamato. (To Japan)
Attention (AboutTax,etc)
About items age About a items, I do not judge it formally,Please bid it judge only the photo.
Sword and Spear can be send on EMS to U.S.A , U.K  , France , Thailand Other country can not be send on EMS,Only surface mail.
Surface mail takes 2 ~ 3 months and not insurence)
I can not original registration card. Registration card requierd when possessed of sword only in Japan. When I send you items, I go to customs and wrapping sword. And required registration card and ducuments. After the check of registration cards finished,it return to the prefectural board of education which has issued the registratin cards. So it becames sending of only the copy of a registration card. Please understainding about registration card. About Another certificate, I can be send original.
About return My policy is no return. Returned goods are accepted when selling description has a defect.
About return (Sword) The absolute accepted return policy. I can not import sword,so can not accepted return. Please understanding.
About broken items, Compensation When items broken by EMS,compensation gets down. However, please have you report yourself and receive at the buyer's nearby post office. When a nearby post office does not accept, please tell strength it. Rather than the broken cause, unless the proof of the nearby post office having broken aceepted, nothing is made from here. In the past case, even when it broken by the packing defect of our company, if a nearby post office accepted, there are also some cases from which compensation got down. There are also 1~2 months of these things until compensation gets down from a report. Possessed documents 1.The identification photograph that items broken 2.The reported post office name 3.The reported post office address and telephone number 4.The reported date 5.The reported case number 6.Charger name Please an early report.
Buyer must responsible for import tax/custom.
If buyer wishes to indicate the lower value on the shipping documents, must indicate before or in the payment note. Otherwise, the buyer agree to indicate the auction value on the shipping documents.
About combine shipping I make combine shipping only 5 items together. I wait you only 7 days from the first bought items date.
Payment must be received within 7 days from the first auctin closed date at single payment. Unless winning bidder contact us about their payment condition within this period , none-paying winning bidders will be reported to eBay as well as receive negative feedback
If you win the item by mistake and cancel it Please an early contact. If connection is received, since a cancellation message is sent through e-Bay, please agree transaction.
Recently, somebody has plagiarized our company's trade sample picture at auction. This is not permitted by us, and besides, we'll indicate a to trade sample picture after this. Please inform us immediately of any notices
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